Parish Mission – Day 5

Tuesday saw the day started off with Exposition, Rosary and Morning Prayer of the Church which proceeded Mass as celebrated by Fr Ernesto.  Today was a day dedicate to the Holy Eucharist and so after Mass, the Blessed Sacrament was again exposed upon the altar and remained exposed for the rest of the day with parishioners keeping watch and praying for the fruits of the Mission.

Visits to the school for play time by all the missionaries and then some classes were taken and others went round the doors, engaging with the people of Bonnybridge.

Afternoon gam10393700_10203731106432489_905409083107037366_nes and children’s talk was well received by the children and each day, thanks be to God, the number of children attending is growing.  A special thanks must go to Miss McFeat and the staff at St Joseph;s School for the warm welcome and hospital extended to the Missionaries.

The evening talk was started by Novice Gerard 10561688_10203731106552492_6795095240613735106_nexplaining the 5th Commandment and abortion, followed the controversy given by seminarian Keir and Novice Dominic about the sacrament of reconciliation and finished off by Fr Ernesto giving a very clear sermon on God’s mercy and how we can receive it in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

The evening entertainment started off with a few songs from the seminarians, sisters and even a couple of parishioners!  Then a small sketch was presented by Deacon Stephen, Deacon Nicholas, Novice Dominic and Sister Koluse called “The Radio”, which was well received by those present.  The night finished off with a hymn to Our Lady, which was sung in both Italian and Polish as today was the Feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa, and Seminarian Wotjek led us on the guitar. 10171266_10203731106512491_2931896944728969339_n 10609652_10203731106392488_7140786366813380633_n

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