The Sixth Word – “It is finished.”

imgres“It is finished.” To what was Jesus referring? His Passion? His crucifixion? His work here on earth? It was probably all those things and more. He had done everything humanly possible for the salvation of the world. He never wrote a word, except for a few scribbles in the dirt. He showed the proud they had nothing to be proud about. He showed the poor they were still loved. He lived the spirit of the law of God, not the humanness of the law. He convinced quite a few people He was special. He convinced many of His closest followers He was sent from God. However, most of the most convinced people in His entourage left Him when it counted the most. They were not yet ready to give up their lives for Him. Only one thing would lead them to a higher faith, and that had nothing to do with humanity. Jesus had finished everything that was humanly possible. Now it was time to do what was only divinely possible.

Jesus has taught us everything we need to know. We just need to put it into practice. We, too, have an earthly mission. We, too, must realize when we have accomplished everything humanly possible, and then be willing to recognize when we must allow God to take care of everything that requires divine intervention. How often do we turn over control to God? How often do we push and push and push, holding onto control, and driving others absolutely crazy? How often do we fail to let God be God, and ourselves to be merely human?

It takes faith and trust to say “It is finished” and turn the next step over to God. It takes faith and trust to relinquish our own wills and recognize, and maybe even look forward to, miracles. It takes faith and trust, along with a dash of humility, to allow ourselves to be human, and not demand divinity. In the final moments of His human life, Jesus showed us that being fully human is a step closer to God. It is a step we must be willing to take to begin a new life.

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