Of your charity…

bishopPlease pray for the happy repose of the soul of the Rt. Rev. Malachy John Goltok, Bishop of Bauchi Diocese, Nigeria who died last night.

As many of our older parishioners will recall, the mission of Bauchi was cared for by priests and Religious from our own Archdiocese for many years. Malachy John’s father used to be the cook for Mgr Danny Simpson, a priest of our Archdiocese who spent many years of his priesthood working in africa, and it was from this time that the early signs of vocation came to the young Malachy John, as he would play around the presbytery.

After being ordained priest Fr Malachy John would come to Edinburgh to visit the many friends he had made back in Nigeria, and so many more people came to know and appreciate his kindness. Especially through travelling to Lourdes with our Archdiocese.

It was a great joy for our Archdiocese, when Fr Goltok was appointed the 2nd Bishop of Bauchi, and was ordained by our own Archbishop in 2011.

May he rest in peace.

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