Parish Mission – Day 3

The day started with morning prayer and time spent in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, concluding with Benediction. Fr Ernesto presided at Mass, and the sermon was preached by Deacon Nicholas.  It was wonderful to see the church looking so full, with many visitors present.

After Mass a barbeque and parish fun day was held, with food, face painting, drawing, bubble making, football and many other activities taking place as well as providing a perfect opportunity for socialising with the missionaries and parishioners.

After sing songs and actions, a sketch was put on by Deacon Stephen and Seminarian Keir (see photos), much to the hilarity of all present.

This evenings Mission Talk was given by Father, and was good and thought provoking- some things that are perhaps thought of as hard to hear, and yet are so necessary for the good of our souls. A day of devotion, prayer, socialising, fun, and catechisis.

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